The Top 9 Best Plate Carriers of 2022

We’re back on the subject of plate carriers again! This time, following up the Bulletproof Zone Guide to Plate Carriers with our highlight picks of the top tactical plate carriers in 2022. In terms of ergonomics, utility and audience, plate carriers have evolved dramatically from their humble origins. When, at a top-secret government research laboratory in Natick […]

The K9 Vest Protecting Man’s Best Friend

WHAT ARE THE MAIN FEATURES OF ARMOR FOR DOGS? The harness is engineered to be lightweight with a streamlined profile so the K9’s mobility and agility aren’t restricted while on doggy detail. The exterior shell of the vest is normally made of hard-wearing Cordura and incorporates the following: On the inside of the harness, there’s a removable mesh lining with cooling and moisture-wicking properties to help […]

The Complex Truth: There Is No ‘Perfect’ Defensive Caliber For Everybody

Given this data and my experience in both law enforcement and as an instructor, I’d argue that the better results in police qualifiers with 9mm isn’t due to an inherent advantage of the caliber. The sad truth is that the average cop doesn’t have nearly as much training as people think. There are many, many […]

No, 9mm Is Not A ‘One Size Fits All’ Defensive Caliber

There’s a tendency among gun owners to follow whatever law enforcement does when it comes to selecting a firearm for defense. When the police carried revolvers, many civilians had a revolver (yes, that’s mostly what was available at the time). When police departments  switched to semi-auto pistols, the civilian world largely followed over time (with a few […]

Winchester Data Shows Hunters and Target Shooters are Increasingly Shooting AR Pattern Rifles

The time has come for President Joe Biden and the rest of the gun control politicians to pack up the worn-out line that “no one needs an AR-15 to hunt deer.” Turns out, recreational target shooters and hunters do want modern sporting rifles (MSRs). That’s the family of AR-platform [semiautomatic] rifles that come in many calibers. According to the […]

A Third Primer Manufacturer Now Tooling Up For Production in Texas in 2022

While lots of calibers of ammunition are slowly returning to many store shelves, primers haven’t really reappeared in any meaningful numbers since The Time Before. The two major players in the market, Olin (Winchester) and Vista Outdoor (Remington, CCI and Federal) have maxxed out their production with most of the output going to loaded ammunition. […]

Ammo Shortages: What’s Really Happening?

Standing in a warehouse, I was looking at 2½-million rounds of 5.56 NATO. Unfortunately, none of it was for the commercial market; those stacks of banded wooden crates were headed to U.S. Special Operations. The ammunition company I was visiting requested anonymity. Despite having drums of powder and a quantity of primers, none of it […]